It’s been a year since the Aeron Blockchain project was announced to the public, and the team has already managed to make a significant progress towards its goal to contribute to improvement in aviation safety. A few crucial roadmap milestones were reached successfully bringing the company acclaim from partners and supporters.

  Aeron serves as Blockchain-based flight log and aircraft maintenance data platform. With its deployment, private pilots, aircraft operators, flight schools, and aircraft owners can get access to up-to-date and reliable information, including pilot’s experience record.

Aviation enthusiasts and the general public can search for curated flight and training offers. In August 2017, the Aeron project was presented for the wide audience: the team stepped up with an innovative Blockchain-based solution for flight data management.

Successful Aeron (ARN) utility token sale in September-October 2017 helped the initiative to gain momentum and leverage some advanced technologies. During this year, Aeron has been successfully following the roadmap steps, such as: All that helped Aeron to get established and have its ARN token supported by multiple platforms, including the leading Ethereum ERC2o compatible wallets and instant exchanges (Changelly, Coinomi, imToken, SimpleSwap, Lumi etc) and be present in over 16 cryptocurrency exchanges, including the world’s largest (Binance, HitBTC, Bit-Z, Coinrail, KuCoin, DDEX and others).

Aeron Pilot log application is already available in Google Play and Apple App Store. Besides, a number of important partnerships have been announced this year, including leading aviation academies and aviation training centers. Read more from…

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