-Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis This manual way of tracking entries is not only outdated in this age of technology but also does not answer the important question of how to verify the authenticity of the information written in such a paper folio. Using blockchain technology, Aeron is now providing an elegant solution where all the logbook data is kept in digital format.

Not only does the immutable nature of blockchain render fraud, deception, and alterations nearly impossible, but it also makes handling and transferring data easy. This is just one facet that the Aeron project is reforming through the use of new technology and its token, Aeron (ARN).

Bringing aviation records up to date Aeron conducted a successful token sale to crowdfund the project, which ended in October 2017. Since then, the project has successfully listed its token on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bit-Z, Coinrail, KuCoin, TIDEX, and HitBTC.

These tokens have been received enthusiastically by trading communities at the markets. However, ARN is not only a cryptocurrency or a crypto token, it is way more than that; it is the lynchpin for an entire aviation safety ecosystem.

ARN tokens will play a central role in the industry as flight schools will be using ARN to book flight training, while private pilots will be able to find planes to rent and find schools. Airlines will also benefit, as they can check credentials of the pilots they are hiring. Read more from newsbtc.com…

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