We recently considered how computing was often being called distributed even when it shouldn’t be, or being called something else when it really isn’t. Here’s a new one for you.

Decentralized computing. In this new own nothing, side gigging, super hustle economy – we increasingly own no vehicles and yet share rides, don’t go to hotels and yet sharing homes – comes the concept of owning no computing and yet sharing computing.

Let us be clear that blockchain is not evil. The technology itself isn’t corrupt, no technology can be, and the blockchain technology is neat.

It is an incredibly cool idea to build provenance and security into a chain and be able to play events from it back and forth. We do however have to decouple the financial and cryptocurrency chains from any legitimate conversation about the actual technology.

This is why the heavy hitters such as IBM and so forth are deep into blockchain in a big way. They aren’t peddling ICOs, or strange fakecoins, they are however pushing data provenance, credibility, and accountability in our digital transactions. Read more from nextplatform.com…

thumbnail courtesy of nextplatform.com