Vice President of Smarketing, responsible for the sales and marketing processes and helping our clients exceed their business goals. The onset of the fourth Industrial Revolution, with its technological innovations and advancement, has forced industries and businesses to review and reinvent their processes to avoid becoming obsolete.

Although this has caused massive disruption, the resulting opportunities (especially those created by the software and tech industry) are well worth it. One of the more recent developments is the increased use of AI in B2B marketing applications.

Although digital marketers have already begun exploring the benefits of machine-learning algorithms, the opportunities for implementing AI in B2B marketing are yet to be exhausted. Some of the areas that still need to be explored include blockchain, predictive analysis, personalization, propensity modeling and lead scoring.

Let’s take a look at how AI can be applied in these areas. One of the more recent standards being developed for use in the B2B industry is the blockchain.

Most supply chains involve the buyer, seller and a logistics provider; the information flow between these entities is usually point to point or one way through XML-based or EDI messages. Each party maintains its own view of the information flow, and through the use of mechanisms such as acknowledgment documents, they attempt to synchronize information flow within the supply chain. Read more from…

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