Two new ETFs targeting exposure to blockchain companies started trading on January 17th. Since their launch, they have attracted a combined $262 million in assets.

Two new ETFs launched on Wednesday, January 17th, the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK) and Reality Shares NASDAQ Nextgen Economy ETF (BLCN). If those names seem less than intuitive to you, the SEC would not let any of the blockchain filings use the word blockchain in their names.

But both of these ETFs share the mandate of providing exposure to companies involved in the blockchain ecosystem. Despite the name obfuscation, investors figured it out and piled into these ETFs at a record pace, gathering a total of $262 million thus far.

According to Bloomberg’s Senior ETF Analyst Eric Balchunas, BLOK’s ascent to the $100 million club occurred over just 5 trading days, tying the previous record for an ETF launch set in December by ETFMG’s Alternative Harvest ETF (MJX). Given that MJX, aka the “pot ETF” actually had some previous assets in its fund due to its origins as a converted Latin American Real Estate Fund (LARE), BLOK may end up being the true record holder.

Yes, that’s right, as an ETF theme, blockchain may be more popular than pot! Here’s how the battle stands as of 1/26/18: BLOK has attracted 2X the assets and volume thus far and has generated the best return, up 4.75% versus 3.22% since inception. Read more from…

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