For a long time the ultra wealthy and their money managers have been able to access a level of return on investment previously out of reach of the average person. The larger the amount being invested, the better the fund manager can be hired, and the better the deal that can be got.

This is a fact of life in standard centralized investment markets. But just as the dawn of the internet opened up the possibility for regular private individuals to start investing in stocks, the rise of blockchain technology can allows these investors to compete with the wealthy and elite in the investing game.

Tech levels the playing field, and blockchain makes community investing possible while artificial intelligence (AI) reduces the edge that experts have over novices. One blockchain startup that is combining these two innovations to challenge the status quo is

Their platform, underpinned by their TIO token, allows holders to earn from the gains made by the community simply by holding their tokens in their wallet. The community is made up of experts and also the investment choices of the machine learning models they use.

Many financial instruments or favorable deals are completely inaccessible to most people because they either require administrative processing, high barriers to entry, or complex computer modeling to execute. want to leverage strength in numbers to democratize investing, enabling users to cash in or out when they please, having possibly gained from the time they spent having held the TIO tokens. Read more from…

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