Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash Cryptocurrency prices may be recovering from a lengthy period of stagnation, but it doesn’t appear as though blockchain startups are watching the market. The number of new jobs listed within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector has increased dramatically over the last three months, proving that while crypto values may be slow to recover, the blockchain employment industry is powering ahead.

While the early days of $100 BTC are over, with most instant crypto-millionaires already minted, the crypto job market explosion is only beginning. Cryptocurrency is just one use case presented by distributed ledger technology — there are thousands of different blockchain-focused startups, projects, and platforms that are currently working on DLT solutions.

One canny maxim from the gold prospecting era can be applied to today’s modern day “digital gold” crypto industry — in a gold rush, sell shovels. In a modern sense, a shovel can be considered any skill that can be applied to the development of blockchain.

Everybody from small ICOs to tech industry juggernauts are snatching up talent from around the world, creating armies of DLT specialists in order to meet the staggering demand for technically adept blockchain developers. The rapidly evolving blockchain industry has captured the attention of enterprise-level organizations around the world, which is reflected in the positions that are currently available to individuals that possess blockchain development skills.

IBM, Visa, and Microsoft are just some of the tech and finance giants that are now actively recruiting within the blockchain space, along with established crypto industry players such as Dash and Coinbase. Job data analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies CEO Matt Siegelman refers to blockchain experience as a “disruptive skill,” emphasizing the extreme growth rate the blockchain job industry has experienced over recent years: “Five years ago, in 2012, we could find only a few vacancies demanding blockchain skills. Read more from…

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