Startup Faceter is rolling out its blockchain video security solution to home and small businesses. It is every traveller’s worst nightmare.

You are relaxing on vacation far from the big city and work tensions when your security smart app alerts you to a breach of your front door. You watch anxiously on your smartphone as the intruder opens the front door and your alarm is activated.

Your prowler runs off—Phew!!! However, many thieves, now familiar with your security system, will come back.

Fortunately, in the near future, your Faceter video surveillance system will be able to compare his image to millions of other criminals in its database in real time, pull up your thieves name and current address and send it to the local police bureau—all while he is opening the door. Then your real-life crime scenario turns sci-fi.

Connected digital surveillance videos throughout your city are tracking your visitor’s moves, while a quick query reveals his digital footprints before he arrived at your home. Governments and corporations are only starting to envision and trial test these next generation security features. Read more from…

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