The new platform supports community-owned financial ecosystems bringing to them all the benefits of blockchain. The scope of the Kora project is global: even the Internet is no longer needed to get access to financial services – a simple phone with SMS/USSD is enough.

Blockchain is usually associated with the cutting-edge technologies and such things as mining farms and smart contracts. The cryptocurrencies were initially created by nerds and for nerds, later they became the mass phenomena.

Nevertheless, the popularity of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos definitely depends on the IT infrastructure. Kora, the blockchain-based platform for inclusive financial systems, claims to change the situation.

The cryptocurrencies are no longer just a thing of hype – they have proved to have significant advantages that can upgrade the traditional financial systems. Such qualities of blockchain as high level of security and lower transaction costs can seriously improve the quality of financial services. What is more, these features can solve the problems of unequal access to the financial system.

Kora is making a significant step towards bringing the high-quality financial services to all the corners of the world. Its revolutionary system has significantly lowered the standards for massive adoption. Read more from…

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