The platform that includes progressive trading exchange believes that the best way to analyze the crypto industry is to combine the efforts of professional experts and initiative enthusiast. Bitcoin appeared in top Google trends of 2017 twice: it became the second most searched topic out of all global news, the question “How to buy Bitcoin” takes the third place in “How to” category.

It is a foregone conclusion this topic generates media interest and public concern. Nevertheless, it may point to one more fact: the information about cryptocurrencies is fragmented between thousands of resources.

The scale of scatter is even greater when speaking about ICOs and different blockchain-based projects. But the complexity may soon be left in the past.

Otcrit is a platform that creates a unique space for all the people interested in crypto sphere. The list of features of the developing platform is quite impressive: secure trading exchange, different kinds of reports and analytics.

The preliminary list of analyses includes 10 different types: from technical ones to competition analyses. The platform will also inspire people with good knowledge of the market to delve into research process – as they can turn their analysis into profit. Read more from…

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