Home / Features and News / Lawrence Johnson has been immersed in the world of fintech innovation for years, and now as part of Morningstar’s business development team, he’s working on connecting nontraditional financial players and newer companies that are leveraging new types of technologies with the financial services ecosystem. In this role, his attention is always focused on the newest and latest trends in fintech as it applies to finance and investing.

Johnson will be speaking at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago about blockchain, and how advisors should think of it. He offers here a preview.

Lawrence Johnson: I think innovation comes in two forms. On the AI side, we’re seeing a number of companies that have been able to not only harvest a lot of this technology and translate it into insights, but they can go on the other side and capture the essence of an individual’s profile. At the same time, individuals are now trusting some of these “engines” and tools to help them make these better decisions.

There’s a beautiful mixing of trust and science in these tools. There’s some kind of magic about getting it right at the right time for these investors.

Johnson: We work closely with over 200,000 advisors, who are using our tools right now. We pivot in the distribution process for a lot of fintech companies. Read more from etf.com…

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