A decent camera was an expensive investment and that was only the first part of the hardware. The second purchase was an unreliable canister that took only 24 or 36 pictures, all of which could not be previewed or reviewed.

Then that canister was sent to a third party developer and finally the developed film would arrive in the post a couple of weeks later. Ah, those were the days; slow, thoughtful photography.

Now, and not for the first time, blockchain is trying to resurrect photography-as-a-business (PaaB perhaps) by giving due credit to the professionals who create such wondrous images. It’s unlikely to bring back photography as cultural expertise for the trained, but it might just help such photographers make a living again.

Dan Taylor, founder of Heisenberg Media, is a professional photographer whose work has previously been used for Forbes and he is adamant that blockchain is great news for photographers and publishers alike. Integrating blockchain Technology with photography is a highly valuable resource.

As a professional photographer, I’ve had my works used time and time again in numerous publications, many of which I discover a long time after publication. The WeMark founders want to use blockchain to improve the revenues of image stakeholders. Read more from forbes.com…

thumbnail courtesy of forbes.com