Despite lingering skepticism about the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the technology behind them is becoming a focus of university teaching and research. When he was in graduate school and working toward a doctorate in computer science, Arthur Carvalho made a life-changing decision.

“It was 2012, and my friend suggested that we invest some money in Bitcoin,” he recalled. At the time, one Bitcoin was valued at around $13.

At its peak valuation in late 2017, the price had jumped to almost $18,000. “I would be a millionaire now,” Carvalho said.

“But I told my friend, ‘I don’t trust this thing.’ I thought it was a scam.” He didn’t get rich from Bitcoin, but he did become interested in cryptocurrencies and how they work. “I followed the development of cryptocurrencies really closely,” he said.

“I took a personal interest in learning more about the technology.” Carvalho is now an assistant professor of information systems and analytics at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Ohio, where there’s a growing consensus among faculty that blockchain — the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — is worth watching. Carvalho’s colleagues are not unique; interest in blockchain technology is growing fast in the business world — and universities and colleges are responding. Read more from…

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