By Patrick Sutton, Paragon Public Relations For those unfamiliar, blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that enables open, anonymous and secure transactions. As traditional businesses and enterprises were introduced to blockchain, however, their visions for application have ranged far and wide—as has the hyperbole of its promise.

Now, before we go any further, I have to get something out of way: Blockchain is not a cure-all. It will not revolutionize every facet of human life.

Now that that’s covered, let’s focus on how the hype came to be and how communicators should really be talking about it. In 2015, bitcoin and blockchain were saddled with a nefarious, dark-web reputation that required campaigns to educate B2B stakeholders.

Once institutions became comfortable with the idea of blockchains, however, it became nearly impossible to escape the hype and even harder to stick to facts, as statements of speculative grandeur dominated headlines. This posed a challenge for communicators working for start-ups and smaller companies that couldn’t rely on a buzzy statement from a brand to stand out.

Their messages needed to focus on an industry evolution to resonate with audiences. To overcome this, we carved out narratives for clients that focused on evergreen, thematic issues, like competing motivations for embracing blockchain. Read more from…

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