You have certainly heard of the blockchain revolution.  Blockchain and cryptocurrency and bitcoin are all over the news. You may be intrigued, you may be horrified, or you may feel some of both.

But you can’t afford to ignore major trends in new technology. Like it or not, blockchain is here to stay.

And it will have the power to enable your business like never before. For the moment, blockchain is in its nascent phase — think of the internet in 1996.

It’s inaccessible to most nontechnical people, except through bitcoin and some of the gaming applications like CryptoKitties. So it’s the perfect time to learn. You have time to get up to speed about blockchain before it represents a threat to your business.

And when the technology matures, you will be prepared to capitalize on it. Once you delve into this topic, you will find that blockchain will fuel much more than the overhyped cryptocurrency market. Read more from…

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