The blockchain revolution is here. The technology long associated with Bitcoin is now being used to make businesses as varied as trade finance, videogaming, travel insurance, and diamond mining more efficient and more secure.

The blockchain revolution is also far, far down the road. If it ever comes.

After the Bell: Dow Jumps 396 Points Because This Is What Happens When the Market’s Not Worried About Trade Stocks rebounded on Thursday, as investors pinned their hopes on upcoming talks between the U.S. and China, as well as a white knight for Turkey. Nvidia Stumbles on Disappointing Guidance, but Bags One Upgrade Shares of Nvidia are lower on Friday, as disappointing revenue guidance overshadowed a strong second quarter for the chip maker.

J.C. Penney Stock Could Fall to 50 Cents J.C.

Penney is still falling Friday, as analysts find little to like about the department store’s quarterly results. Read more from…

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