Online real estate investment platform StraightUp has merged with blockchain startup Slice. The merger will enable the two companies to combine real estate investment opportunities via a blockchain platform, thus boosting transparency, liquidity, and efficacy of transactions.

StraightUp is a real estate equity platform that enables accredited investors to participate in the high-growth potential of New York real estate opportunities with a new level of transparency and access the largest appreciation layer of the “capital stack.” It allows investors to be part of new real estate projects in prime locations, primarily within Manhattan. Slice is a blockchain platform for cross-border investors, which allows users to invest small amounts into real estate assets.

The platform gives international investors access to wealth-building opportunity and real estate owners and operators access to a large pool of untapped capital. It also allows private market returns and public market liquidity.

The goal of the merger is to open doors for international investors interested in prime US real estate. It will give international investors access to premium equity opportunities in desirable cities across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Slice’s blockchain platform will allow foreign investors to immediately own equity in developments. To support Slice’s mission to make investing in small amounts both easy and affordable, Slice uses blockchain tokens, which can be purchased by either fiat or cryptocurrency, to represent stakes in an investor’s real estate portfolio. Read more from…

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