Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has partnered with Swiss blockchain startup Streamr to create an integrated smart car platform which shares data with other vehicles over the blockchain. Founded in November 2015 as part of splitting of the Hewlett-Packard company, HPE is a business-focused organization with two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services.

The split was structured so that the old Hewlett-Packard changed its name to HP Inc. and spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a newly created company. HP Inc. retained the old HP’s personal computer and printing business, as well as its stock-price history and original NYSE ticker symbol for Hewlett-Packard.

Enterprise trades under its own ticker symbol: HPE. Streamr’s platform allows users to take ownership of data generated from their devices, facilitating information transfer from buyer to seller directly and, according to permissions defined by users themselves.

The company aims to be the world’s leading information marketplace where users can buy and sell real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) and more traditional sources like finance, commerce, travel, weather and social media. Under the partnership, the partners will integrate standard vehicle technology, HPE’s interfacing and Streamr’s Engine, resulting in vehicle data being delivered in real time to the Streamr marketplace.

HPE indicated that it was collecting information in real-time from the communications “bus” in the car, where hundreds of data points arrive from sensors within the car. That data, from fuel consumption and location, to acceleration and gearing can then be sent straight to the Streamr platform. Read more from blocktribune.com…

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