Creative new ways to transfer certain rights of ownership may seem like semantics, but the implications are huge if blockchain technology takes off. Moran went through the regular homebuying process with Phil Mrzyglocki, Deedcoin’s media director and an agent at Momentum Realty.

Most of Momentum Realty’s agents are involved with Deedcoin. “If you choose to invest in the cryptocurrency space, just know that you’re not investing — you’re gambling,” Oliver said.

“Which is fine but you should know that that is what you’re doing.” The first title transfer via blockchain is, in all likelihood, in South Burlington, Vermont. The startup Propy prompted the local city clerk to accept a transaction via blockchain.

Nearly 30 percent of 787 real estate respondents polled for Inman’s Leadership survey in February said “technological disruption” remains the single biggest threat to the real estate industry, edging out other perils like shifting demographics, market fluctuations and global politics. Read more from…

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