Gaurang Torvekar co-founded and serves as the CTO of Indorse, the decentralized professional network powered by ethereum technology. Torvekar also serves as the CTO for and co-founded Attores, which enables data and documents to be shared securely using smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Attores partnered with Ngee Ann Polytechnic to formally issue blockchain diplomas. 2017 has been a great year of progress, we saw bitcoin rise to over $20,000 USD, while simultaneously attracting international coverage that captured people’s attention and curiosity.

Meanwhile, ICOs have raised billions of dollars, helping further promote innovation and growth in the sector. Many industry leaders believe 2018 will see the blockchain industry become increasingly mainstream, and looking at the year ahead, I believe there are eleven technologies in particular to look out for: The grandfather of all the blockchains, Bitcoin blockchain has continued to grow amidst a lot of speculation, accusations and ever growing support by the community.

While the meteoric price-rise is helping it gain attention from the masses now, some of the limitations are also coming to the fore. Scalability has remained one of the challenges, and updates to the code have been controversial.

But I think the community will definitely keep working on the scalability challenges and solve it by increasing the capacity of the blocks or reducing the block contents. Bitcoin uses the Proof of Work algorithm to timestamp the transactions and validate the blocks. Read more from…

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