To better understand the state of DX ecosystems, e-Spirit conducted a survey of more than 200 marketing and IT professionals in global companies across key verticals in the U.S. and EMEA. The goal was to learn how companies are developing and managing their DX ecosystems. The results are very telling.

Every industry is exploring the best use cases of the latest disruptive technology to demand our attention. The media publishing industry is no different.

Especially with the ongoing buzz around Facebook and YouTube’s data scandal, the topic of blockchain technology and its effectiveness has surfaced. While the benefits of security, efficiency, privacy, and authentication have been harped upon, understanding its full potential poses many questions.

“Theoretically, yes, blockchain can solve data privacy issues but practically, no,” says Steven R. Gordon, Professor of Information Technology Management at Babson College, MA. “Social platforms are made for sharing information, and the effectiveness of any technology to support privacy in that context is limited by its users’ laxness in setting limits to the data they intend to share and their willingness to exchange private information for other benefits.” Gordon, host of the Blockchain Technology Network’s New England Meetup, teaches courses on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies, and Blockchain as a Business Disruptor.

He adds, “Having data disperse throughout the blockchain presents its own privacy concerns, because public blockchain transactions are pseudonymous and users can take steps to hide their identity, but ultimately anonymity is not guaranteed.” Meanwhile, Loudon Owen, Chair and CEO, DLT Labs, a global leader in distributed ledger enterprise solutions powered by blockchain, says, “In terms of solving data privacy issues, there are multifaceted challenges to properly managing data privacy. While the technology exists that can achieve virtually any outcome, and blockchain is ideally suited, the core issue is how powerfully consumers demand change. Read more from…

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