And the next great area of blockchain disruption in 2018 may be freelancing. Blockchain has a number of rather specific and versatile properties that make it so attractive for multiple niches.

When it comes to freelancing, blockchain means: One of the leading freelance marketplaces, Moonlighting, is planning to tie all these benefits together. The company has been around long enough to have over 600K freelancers sign up – professionals who will soon be able to market themselves across the globe.

To propel their business even further, they have decided to launch an ICO in 2018. Introducing blockchain to a freelance marketplace through an ICO “Freelancers all over the world are facing the same problems: high fees to do business, difficulty gaining trust of new clients, lack of credible reviews, scarcity of comprehensive, easy to use tools, and much more,” said the company founder and CEO Jeff Tennery.

“With our Moonbit token placed at the epicenter of our platform, we will help millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs achieve their work independence globally.” Specifically, with blockchain technology embedded into its platform, Moonlighting aims to solve the following problems for freelancers: Launching an ICO the right way With so many ICOs launched in the past year, and in a fintech environment that is largely unregulated, it is easy for “bad guys” to enter this market. There have been a number of frauds and scams, and many investors have been left in the dark following the actual ICO event.

Many companies are proactively addressing concerns about integrity right out of the gate by using a recently published white paper from Deloitte professionals on how to innovate properly in today’s crypto world. “We have studied the market carefully with top counsel and advisors, focusing on our customers and how our token can improve the user experience on our platform,” said Tennery. Read more from…

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