by Michael Barnard July 1st, 2018 by Michael Barnard  On April 15th, the CleanTechnica braintrust was surveyed for their opinions and sentiment on blockchain for cleantech. The results, discussed below, are part of our Cleantech Blockchain series.

They also connect to our brand new (published today) Blockchain — An Innovation Enabler for Clean Technology report. You were asked 9 questions about the impacts, both positive and negative, of blockchain on clean tech.

115 of you chose to take the survey out of 2,655 who viewed it. Per Survey Monkey, our survey service, that gives us a confidence of plus or minus 10%.

The results on this go-round, in other words, are interesting and informative but not conclusive. The first two questions regarded the primary forms of new renewable generation, specifically related to funding.

As part of the blockchain series, organizations devoted to providing new funding were covered, including WePower and SolarCoin. In addition, direct funding via initial coin offerings for clean technology was discussed at length. Read more from…

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