DENVER (CBS4)– The State of Colorado is hoping to become the nation’s leader in the emerging technology of Blockchain. “Colorado specifically has a ton of block chain companies and engineers here.

If the state can make policy; there’s going to be a lot of block chain companies that move here,” said Paul Foley, an entrepreneur. Gov.

John Hickenlooper set up the Council for the Advancement of Blockchain Technology last month. It’s a combination of legislators and industry leaders who are pushing Colorado to have the friendliest environment for Blockchain companies to operate.

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“It’s a potentially new way of looking at the internet.” CBS4’s Jeff Todd interviews State Senator Jack Tate (R) Centennial (credit: CBS) Blockchain technology is heralded as a new, safer platform for data. It’s the brains behind crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, but its use could be endless. Read more from…

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