Unless you’ve just relocated from Mars, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin. Not only is it the golden child of the cryptocurrency world, but it’s also a hot commodity for investors.

Still, you might not know that cryptocurrency technology is finding a home outside the walls and wallets of high finance. Clever entrepreneurs have piggybacked on what makes cryptocurrency tick — essentially, the distributed ledger used to verify a transaction and the parties involved — to create non-traditional advertising based on token exchanges.

They’re being innovative, yes. They’re also following the tried-and-true cross-pollination process that happens with technologies that take hold.

We’ve seen it societally again and again: Technological waves grow and mature, and smart individuals look for ways to incorporate the tech into their own solutions. At high points, technology’s core elements become magnets to people working in other sectors looking for collaboration and cross-disciplinary possibilities.

For instance, what started as raw information technology has become the use of AI to map the human brain get new insights into the inner workings of the mind. Certainly, this isn’t what was intended by the pioneering IT programmers, but it is a natural result of creativity mingled with old-fashioned trial and error. Read more from entrepreneur.com…

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