IOTA [MIOTA] To Cement Role In DLT Space The IOTA Foundation has yet another great addition to its team. And it looks this one will help cement the crypto start-up’s place as the leader in the DLT ecosystem.

There’s no doubt that Distributed Ledger Technology and IOTA’s Tangle with its use of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) will be the driving force behind the world’s internet of value and internet of things (IoT). This is especially true as the block-less cryptocurrency keeps growing towards reality every other day.

That realization dawns on you when you focus on the real-world use cases of the platform. Even though IOTA [MIOTA], its native coin has not been a very stronger performer, the expectation is that its value will balloon once the network reaches critical mass for adoption.

Today the value of MIOTA against the US dollar slumped by -4.26% in the 24h period to drop back below $1. The coin is now selling at $0.999, the bears holding fast as most of the market drops back into the red.

A glance at the current charts could scare any would-be investor. Yet, as any keen follower of IOTA’s journey will probably tell you, this is one project that has all the hallmarks of greatness written all over its revolutionary solutions. Read more from…

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