Mention blockchain to most people and they think immediately of bitcoin. That is, right before their eyes glaze over.

Whether you know what blockchain is, have a vague understanding or cower in a corner when you hear it mentioned, there’s no doubt it’s a burgeoning technology in a variety of industries. Two Cincinnati entrepreneurs have jumped in on the ground floor of it with two separate startup companies.

It’s part of an effort being pushed by Cincinnati angel capital investment group Queen City Angels to make Cincinnati a hub for blockchain businesses and talent. “We’re trying to create a groundswell surrounding blockchain in Cincinnati,” Scott Jacobs, Queen City Angels’ executive director, told me.

“We have the resources here with the Kroger’s and Macy’s (headquartered) here to develop that talent.” Queen City Angels has several members who have developed expertise in blockchain and its potential uses.

The organization has formed a blockchain group and is starting to see deals in that space. It put on a two-hour educational session in January for Cincinnati entrepreneurs and investors interested in getting into blockchain applications. Read more from…

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