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The new additions to the data initiative include Long Beach, California; Columbia, South Carolina; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Irving, Texas; and Honolulu. New bills would update the powers of the state technology office to include potential projects involving two emerging technologies.

A loophole that permitted officers to activate only the audio or video recording functions of their devices would be closed. A bill introduced to the Florida legislature shows that the state’s technology office may be planning a digital driver’s license program and blockchain technology.

The current version of the House bill, written by the Agency for State Technology (AST) and sponsored by Republican Rep. James Grant, would revise how the technology office collaborates with the Department of Management Services, particularly with regard to an optional “digital proofs of driver license” project.

The legislation would require that AST “maintain and publish on its website the protocols and standards necessary for a private entity to request authorized access to an application programming interface necessary for such private entity to consume a digital proof of driver license.” House Bill 1357, which was introduced on Jan. 8, will be coupled with Senate Bill 448, introduced by Republican Sen. Read more from…

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