Topic: Storage Your social data is doomed, and don’t count on Facebook to save you Your status updates, your uploaded photos, your videos, all of it is going to be inaccessible sometime in the future. Not just by you, but by your descendants as well.

Top executives who get open source are rare and far between. So it is that Storj Labs, the leader in decentralized cloud storage, must be pleased as punch to announce that Ben Golub, former CEO and co-founder of Docker, is now Storj’s executive chairman and interim CEO.

Storj Labs’ program is Storj. This is an open-source distributed, encrypted, and fast object storage.

It’s based on blockchain and peer-to-peer protocols to provide secure, private cloud storage. This isn’t a new idea.

Other peer-to-peer cloud storage products include Resilo’s BitTorrent Sync, Tresorit and, more recently, Protocol Labs’ FileCoin, which is also taking a blockchain approach to shared storage. Golub is a serial entrepreneur. Read more from…

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