SEOUL, May 13 (Yonhap) — A string of global blockchain companies have recently entered South Korea to start their business, including startup Steemit Inc., industry sources said Sunday. The U.S.-based Steemit — founded by Ned Scott in 2016 — is a social networking website that uses its own blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers.

The sources, people familiar with the matter, said the startup has recently joined with bitcoin exchange GOPAX to kick off its business in the country. Singapore-based blockchain startup IOS is also looking for local developers to carry out a joint project to build a new blockchain ecosystem and the next-generation blockchain platform, they said.

The company said it has chosen South Korea as its next destination, after expanding its business in New York and Tokyo. Southeast Asia’s largest dating app provider, Lunch Actually, is also showcasing its latest dating service called “Viola AI” in South Korea, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies.

Ned Scott, founder and CEO of blockchain startup Steemit Inc., talks to reporters in Seoul on May 3, 2018. (Yonhap) Costa Serena cruise ship in S. Korea05-11 20:48 Choi Jung-won in musical “Chicago”05-11 20:48 Ryu Jun-yeol with Compassion Korea05-11 20:46 Read more from…

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