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  Cryptocurrency, once strictly the domain of techies, has grabbed mainstream attention due to the skyrocketing values of the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the more popular virtual currencies. At the heart of these digital currencies is the technology of the blockchain, which dates back to 2008.

This is distributed ledger tech that provides a decentralized and transparent method for transactions, while maintaining a high level of security. To date, the most successful application of the blockchain has been in cryptocurrency.

However, this same technology will certainly make itself felt across a variety of other sectors – which should brace themselves for the impending disruption. In this article, we’re highlighting 10 such arenas that will certainly feel the impact of the blockchain A limitation to modern elections is that they require the voter to be physically present at the polling booth to cast their vote, which can often make things awkward in terms of finding the time to travel – and makes little sense in our mobile, connected society.

Another bone of contention is the possibility of voter fraud, with losing candidates potentially engaging in legal battles which can delay the result, and even cost the taxpayer when it comes to conducting a recount. The application of blockchain technology could eliminate voter fraud, providing a clear record of the votes cast, and preventing any chance of a rigged election.

Furthermore, this could all be done on a mobile platform, allowing busy individuals the opportunity to cast their vote without going to a polling station. Follow My Vote promises an ‘online voting solution for the modern age’ via blockchain technology. Read more from…

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