Topic: Security The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is proposing a whole-of-government approach to modernise Australia’s trade process, aiming to ensure an international trade future is one where government has visibility of its end-to-end supply chains and access to real-time intelligence information. Addressing the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth on Thursday, DHA representatives discussed its desired single “touch point” approach to managing trade, saying it was looking to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for a suitable framework.

“The majority of traders are trusted and interact in a secure and transparent supply chain,” a department spokesperson said. “Intelligence and risk assessment capabilities and revenue collection are improved by new and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, that would improve the veracity, validation, and analysis of intelligence and trade data.”

You can read this executive guide as a PDF (free registration required). In exploring “new and innovative ways” digital technology can be used to facilitate legitimate trade, DHA said it is continually assessing the applicability of new technologies as they mature.

“Increasingly, technology development builds upon existing and more mature fundamental building blocks including: The IoT, cloud computing, data analytics, and AI,” the department wrote in its submission [PDF] to the committee’s inquiry into the trade system and the digital economy. “This set of technologies forms an ecosystem in which each technology both exploits and fosters the development of the others.”

A specific example DHA highlights as being easily integrated into a trade ecosystem is blockchain. Trade information required by governments for border clearance purposes is created by industry operators in the international supply chain, and Home Affairs is assessing how it could leverage information that might be held on a trade blockchain. Read more from…

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