A horizontally scalable DAG blockchain system is launching its “flagship” membership portal as it announces a listing on KuCoin. A horizontally scalable Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) blockchain system that aims to cater to consumer-grade applications has launched the Orion membership portal where members of its ecosystem can communicate and contribute to the network, with the company announcing its DAG token has listed on KuCoin.

Constellation Labs says the capacity of its network is proportional to user adoption – with a partitioned consensus allowing the network to scale the number of transactions per second on an infinite  basis. Reputation-based incentives are going to be used to eliminate transaction fees for the blockchain’s users.

Its membership portal, Orion, is described as Constellation’s “flagship product.” A free tier of membership is available for those who want to view the portal’s message boards and various channels, and developers can stake DAG tokens in order to access Orion’s premium features. Constellation is currently preparing to launch its permissioned testnet at the beginning of August – and the start-up is accepting applications to run testnet nodes.

Participants have the potential to earn DAG tokens based on how many transactions they validate during the testing period. The company says there are other ways for developers and community members to earn tokens, too.

For example, rewards are going to be offered to those who report bugs in the ecosystem – as well as those who correct mistranslations in its white paper. Brendan Playford, the chief executive of Constellation, told Cointelegraph: “We want to empower our community to help shape, build, and grow the ecosystem efficiently, while encouraging our developers and community members to stake their tokens.” Constellation says it stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique “Proof-of-Meme” protocol, which is used to achieve consensus. Read more from cointelegraph.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cointelegraph.com