The digital music industry, as it is today, experiences a host of challenges that blockchain technology may has the ability to solve. A number of blockchain startups are already targeting the music industry for disruption, using blockchain technology in various way to alleviate specific problems in the industry.

At this critical intersection of a changing industry and a transformative technology, valuable insight can be gained through an evaluation of the extent to which blockchain startups are successfully disrupting traditional models for distributing music, managing attribution rights and more. Disruption Opportunities in the Music Industry It’s easy to identify problems in the music industry, the most problematic of which include: Blockchain technology appears to be well-suited to solve these challenges and others, and a number of experts have predicted that blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize the music industry.

A fair number of blockchain companies and organizations are already hard at work on revolutionizing the music industry. These are just a few examples of blockchain startups that are working to revolutionize the music media industry.

It’s already a crowded market. Measuring Blockchain Technology’s Success to-Date Some observers have expressed doubt about blockchain technology’s ability to effect real change in the music industry.

Among other criticisms, they contend that music contracts are too complicated to be reduced to smart contracts hosted on a blockchain and that blockchain technology lacks the security sufficient to protect audio files,. In some respects, these criticisms appear valid. Read more from…

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