Cryptocurrency gained mainstream attention over the past year, and many developers, entrepreneurs, and investors are now involved in the blockchain industry. The rise of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum saw the birth of ICOs – unregulated and volatile startup fundraising rounds hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Many of these crowdfunded projects proceeded to create new applications and platforms using blockchain technology, while others crashed and burned. Companies are looking to get involved in the blockchain technology underpinning these cryptocurrencies, and this has created demand for skilled individuals with blockchain knowledge.

MyBroadband spoke to Gavin Marshall – founder of blockchain-based app and an instructor at the Blockchain Academy in Cape Town – about the emerging blockchain job market and how people can get involved. While traditional fields such as management and marketing will be required within blockchain-based startups, those looking to develop decentralised applications will need a particular set of skills.

Marshall said the technical skills and expertise required to work on decentralised projects depends on the blockchain involved, as well as the scope of the project. “From a coding point of view, a decent knowledge of JavaScript can get you a long way – but it’s more important that you understand the fundamentals of how blockchains work,” said Marshall.

He said skills which can be applied to the field of blockchain-based applications include a knowledge of programming and an understanding of cryptography. As the security and immutability of blockchains and cryptocurrencies are based on cryptographic hash functions and encryption algorithms, cybersecurity and cryptography knowledge will go a long way in helping you land a job. Read more from…

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