The blockchain industry witnessed an explosive rise in late 2017 and well into 2018. But with all the hype around it, the industry is still in its infancy where underlying infrastructure is in development and more use cases are being explored.

Ella Zhang, CEO of Binance Labs, spoke about the current state of blockchain industry, the ecosystem, and how to identify promising blockchain projects in the midst of hype on the Main Stage at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018. Binance Labs is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s venture incubator.

Binance Labs recently launched a new $1 billion “Social Impact Fund” to support top blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities. When asked how to filter out the fluff when evaluating and investing in new blockchain projects Zhang named a few qualities that she pays notice to: rebellious but righteous, independent, and sensible.

They are technical hackers that believe technology can change the world. They refuse to follow the crowd, conform to rules, and, at the same time, they hold a long-term vision.

They don’t want to solve the small problems, rather they want to tackle very difficult ones—once they solve the problems, the entire world will change. Ella Zhang, CEO of Binance Labs, at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018 Binance’s current focus is on solving some of the biggest challenges fundamental to the development of blockchain technology and posing limitations to applying blockchain technology on a larger scale. Read more from…

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