For businesses, these are exciting times, especially with the enhanced capabilities that fintech startups and service providers can offer, whether you are an enterprise seeking to optimize operations or a small business looking to expand. Looking beyond the cryptocurrencies, however, what’s more important are the fundamental technologies that underpin these new asset classes, which are their respective blockchains.

These are the secure, immutable and distributed cryptographic ledgers that serve as record-keeping mechanism for decentralized tech. While many blockchain-based startups are focusing on consumer-facing applications, a good number will be useful in a business environment, catering to B2B, B2C and other such transactions.

Here are a few notable ways blockchain-based technologies can help any business become more innovative. To date, establishing your business as a legal entity would require registering the business either as a proprietorship or as its own corporate entity.

This will require “citizenship” in a certain country or sovereignty, which is managed by a government. Some communities would like the ability to establish an entity without having to rely on an external or centralized authority, however.

Here is where a startup called SelfKey will come in. The basic precept is that identity can be established through cryptographic means via blockchain. Read more from…

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