After Dix resignation, time for a woman to lead Senate GOP New cops even police critics can appreciate Grassley the maverick re-emerges in feud with Sessions Iowa Democrats, the party of Helen Lovejoy Blockchain will change the world, as long as the government doesn’t mess it up first. The technology burst into public awareness last year with the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Yet blockchain offers more than just digital currencies, and it could revolutionize the way government and business work. The value of Bitcoin surged from around $1,000 to nearly $20,000 over the course of 12 months, creating a new class of young millionaires and drawing attention from traditional investors.

Still, the greatest potential of blockchain is not necessarily investment. This little-understood technology could impact every part of our lives.

Think of blockchain as a magic ledger, stored in thousands of places and open to anyone to view, but still keeping users’ information private. Most important, blockchain cuts out middlemen.

Transactions which have usually required a third-party moderator can now use blockchain, potentially providing significant cost-savings, better security and greater privacy. The potential uses for blockchain may be infinite, and several people with Iowa connections are on the front lines of the impending blockchain renaissance. Read more from…

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