Above: Color Noise by Linus Zoll. We all love the great images and special effects in our favorite films, video games, and animated TV shows.

But it’s still a pretty difficult and complex process to create these fanciful scenes that are better than real life. Hollywood studios can do it with colossal budgets, as can video game publishers with huge teams. But Otoy, which created software used to make special effects in Westworld and The Avengers, wants to enable everyday content creators to do it too.

And so it has launched RNDR, which uses cloud, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies to marshal millions of unused PCs and their graphics capabilities to quickly render cool images for the everyday content creator. The goal is to take the cost, time, and labor out of the process.

Jules Urbach, CEO of Otoy (maker of the Octane graphics renderer), believes that blockchain can be useful in this collective rendering machine. Last fall, the company held an Initial Coin Offering for what a Render Token.

It’s a blockchain-based currency that people can invest in, as it represents a distributed graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering network. Everyone with a computer can contribute the spare cycles to a collective rendering machine, when their computers aren’t being used. Read more from venturebeat.com…

thumbnail courtesy of venturebeat.com