The ex-frontman of an English rock band closed the list of celebrities who recently have tipped into the world of blockchain. The whole world is going crazy about cryptocurrencies and celebrities are not an exception.

As the digital rush gains further momentum embracing minds of wannabe investors, superstars also do not miss a chance to put their prominent names behind digital currency-related startups. Last year Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho expressed his deep interest in cryptocurrency announcing the launch of his own digital coin dubbed Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). As Coinspeaker reported, the football player teamed up with the World Soccer Coin to establish a project conceived to raise funds for the developing of a blockchain-based football academy, which will utilize digital VR stadiums to establish new teams. Yet Ronaldinho was not alone in his purpose to use blockchain for the sake of football development.

Another famous Uruguayan footballer, Luis Suarez has supported a forecasting platform STOX for turkey financial solutions. Notably the same platform was actively promoted by the Instagram account of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

However, following the scandalous ICO of a startup Centra Tech that turned out to be a $32-milliom worth fraud, Mayweather got under public scrutiny, while according to the SEC order, the compensation received by boxer for the abetted STOX ICO was disclosed. Ever since celebrities have become more cautious on their ICO endorsements.

Nevertheless, world’s pop icon Peter Gabriel does not seem to be frighten by past failures, instead he aims using them to forge success. The former frontman of progressive rock band Genesis has invested into the blockchain startup for food transport. Read more from…

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