This does not mean the world’s currency systems will collapse. It does mean that blockchain technology is now becoming a “people’s app” all over the world.

 It is becoming simple enough for non-techie people to use.  They are creating e-currencies right now.  But blockchain’s underlying technology can be used for many other dimensions of human living. I follow large complex networks of all kinds, looking for entrepreneurial opportunities that can be “pulled” by social and commercial forces – into large scale – along the lines of Google and similar well-known success stories.

This month three seemingly unrelated forces are revealing one of the largest, globally scaleable, entrepreneurial opportunities we have seen in a long time: In my last post I suggested that the Indian Aadhaar – the largest electronically-enabled, biometric human ID system in history – was stimulating Blockchain entrepreneurship that would likely move to applications beyond the much-hyped Bitcoin currency. In tracking the global news flood emanating from this Bitcoin buzz – I learned that there are more than 2,000 “Bitcoin wannabe” currencies already in play worldwide.  The number is growing daily. Read more from…

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