Scienceroot is an innovative science startup, which is developing an ecosystem directed at satisfying the needs of all scientists. Researchers and scholars worldwide will soon have the possibility to collaborate, secure funding for their work, and in the end, publish their results through a more efficient, intuitive, and transparent platform, while also obtaining benefits and rewards for their work and involvement within the Scienceroot community.

The current science ecosystem is hurting. Access to evidence-based studies, and therefore knowledge, is being restricted by centralized companies, with scientific discoveries being kept behind paywalls.

The fact that an individual needs to pay up to 50$ to read a scientific study, deters many in doing so, slowing down the pace at which scientific progress is made. Currently, researchers have to publish their work in scientific journals in order to widely disseminate their results, and gain recognition in the scientific world.

The whole process is quite tedious, with publishers reaping most of the benefits. This situation is hurting the whole scientific community.

Exorbitant prices determine a limited access to research output, yet assure huge revenues to publishers, which manage to duck most of the costs, due to governments or institutions financing the researchers. Although funds are put at the disposal of scientists, these are quite difficult to find, and even more burdensome to obtain because of competition. Read more from…

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