Isaac Phillips is one of the Founders of Siglo, a Gibraltar-based blockchain protocol for decentralized apps to sponsor connectivity in emerging markets. Siglo aims to build ecosystems of users and decentralized apps in emerging markets to facilitate digital and financial inclusion.

Users in these ecosystems can monetize their attention and engagement with retailers by choosing to share their anonymized interactions and exchange them for increased mobile connectivity or other rewards. With over 70% of the worlds’ mobile phones being prepaid, individuals in emerging markets often find themselves at a lack of consistent connectivity due to the high month-to-month costs.

We’re focused on essentializing the revenue of the internet. So you have companies, which are basically Google and Facebook and a few of their peers gather that, a hundred billion dollars of revenue a year, and their main product is our attention and our engagement as users.

And we feel like that could be a — if you end up dividing that out, Facebook’s revenue per user is more than two dollars a person worldwide. Which is insane and here in the U.S., it’s actually 13 or 14 dollars a month that Facebook makes from us.

There’s not really a way or a platform to do that. Obviously Bitcoin transaction costs would be too high, Venmo doesn’t have public APIs. Read more from…

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