Soccer Manager is bringing their trademarked football management game to blockchain technology, heralding a thrilling accomplishment to online gamers worldwide. With this, thousands If not millions of players and leagues will be supported, serverless on a decentralized network, and users will finally be given the chance to experience real transfer market action where they can gain and lose value that can be traded for real rewards through blockchain technology.

However, unlike other online soccer games, Soccer Manager gives players true ownership of their assets and total control over its usage through its blockchain. Players can freely buy, sell, and exchange football credits, players, stadiums — as well as any other value that may be obtained within the game.

Soccer Manager ecosystem will entirely run on revolutionary new blockchain platform, Chimaera, which will lead the world of blockchain gaming into a new area with its unique features. Chimaera blockchain not only provides blockchain gaming with secure assets storage and management but also permits actual games to run on its own blockchain platform.

The platform offers several advantages including the elimination of cheats, no need for servers, clarity of games played, no fraud, 24/7 uptime, and in-game items can be acquired in a fair and completely secure manner. The last feature offers players significantly more value than assets made at will by developers without their knowledge.

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