Friendz, a fast-growing company, which works to connect brands with their target audience, has introduced a new digital marketing scenario, based on blockchain tech. We live in a dynamic world, which is continuously shaken up with new technologies.

Digital currencies today are in the midst of an epic explosion, and ICOs have become the most popular way to raise funds to live up business ideas. Friendz, a company already working in the field of digital marketing, rightly discovered the potential of digital currencies and decided to invest time and efforts in launch of its own ICO. Unlike the majority of other companies launching an ICO, Friendz has made its appearance on the crypto stage as an already well-established company: a 2-year established business, € 1.2 mln in revenues, 35 people in team and 4 offices based in Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Moreover, in the last two years, the Friendz app has been running with more than 3 mln pictures uploaded by a community of 200.000 users including 200 international clients. The company’s exponentially fast growth justifies Friendz’ desire for global expansion, which will grant access to larger communities of users, enabling it provide a wider range of services to international clients.

Currently, Friendz provides top quality services in the field of digital marketing. They guide people’s creativity developing working advertising message in order to create a high engagement rate for brands’ communication projects.

In exchange for their cooperation in content creation and validation, all those involved are compensated in Friendz Coins. By using blockchain technology and adopting the Friendz Coin, the team hopes to introduce new standard currency for buying digital services and activating communities of engaged users all around the world. Read more from…

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