Sharing patient data in healthcare is no easy feat — in fact, one of the most common ways patients receive data is still the antiquated process of fax. However, startup MedBlox believes it has the interoperability solution the industry needs.

While HIPAA grants patients a right to their own health data, hospitals struggle to get it into their hands — especially in such a mobile society in which patients move across cities or states multiple times throughout their life. MedBlox is an interoperability platform backed by blockchain technology that helps facilitate the ownership of EHR data between the provider and the patient.

The aim of the startup is to create a more patient-centric approach to healthcare and shift the regulatory and compliance burdens away from the provider. Although the startup is in early stages — its presale offering launched in late July and its main offering will start Aug.

19  — its platform is slated to roll out in the second quarter of 2019. Becker’s Hospital Review caught up with Medblox co-founders, Ms. Rice and Todd Chamberlain, CEO, to learn more about MedBlox’s inception and goals.

Editor’s Note: Responses have been lightly edited for brevity and clarity. Somchai Rice: An analogy for blockchain technology would be using a branded debit card from a US bank in Austria — or MedBlox — instead of exchanging U.S. dollars for Euros before your vacation — or faxed medical records between health systems. You don’t carry the money around with you during your entire vacation, you carry the current balance that is in your bank account. Read more from…

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