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Europe, Middle East, & Africa This week on Startup Street, the father of the Human Genome Project lays out his plans of making DNA sequencing cheaper by using the new hot-word of the Silicon Valley — blockchain. Corporate software startup Slack gets serious about corporate governance as speculation about the company going public rises.

And computing giant Microsoft revamps its startup programme pledging more funds. Here’s what went on: Cryptocurrencies were the craze in 2017.

And even when there are still contrasting opinions about their uses and legitimacy, experts have agreed upon the prospect of its underlying technology — a publicly distributed ledger called blockchain. Now, renowned geneticist and molecular engineer George Church along with a crew of Harvard graduates have laid out plans of their company, Nebula Genomics, to store genome data on a blockchain.

Not just that, companies that use your gene data from Nebula’s blockchain will pay you directly for it, according to the whitepaper that was floated on its website earlier this month. Sequencing of gene data, in laymen terms, is determining the the precise structure of all the DNA molecules in a person. Read more from bloombergquint.com…

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