Internet experience for a lot of users can be quite irritating due to the intrusive ads and pop-ups. These ads usually on user’s screens without permission and are perceived as unwelcome interruptions by a lot of internet users. Some of these ads even come in the form of short videos that over time could accumulate some significant data cost.

Despite the irrational nature of these pop-ups and other related ads systems, the conversion rates that they deliver still remain significantly low. Statistically, the average conversion rates for all pop-ups is 3.09%, and only 3 out of 100 people ever have pop-ups with conversion rates over 11%.

Also, in addition to the inconveniences caused and the low conversion rates as already mentioned, the hardworking participants in the advertising industry are continuously shortchanged by the actions of middlemen. Advertising is a tripod of three major sets of stakeholders that include, the advertiser, the publisher and the customer.

However, for traditional systems, there exist the middlemen who are interwoven with these three sets of stakeholders. These middlemen serve as the deal-breakers between parties, or the bridge that connects the different groups of stakeholders.

The irony is that the middlemen are considered to be the reason why advertising has become very costly and less rewarding. Naturally, an increase in the chain of procedure implies additional services and cost, but it doesn’t stop there. Read more from…

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