Blockchain, the technology that underlies digital currencies, is finding fresh application in Hollywood. Veteran entertainment industry marketer Amorette Jones joined with technologist Matej Boda to build a blockchain-based platform for the film industry.

Their new venture, Treeti, would seek to harness the disruptive power of blockchain to create a new way for filmmakers to distribute and monetize their creative projects. Blockchains are inherently secure.

The blockchain itself is a list of records, or blocks, that are cryptographically linked. Each block contains a timestamp and transaction data, creating a public ledger that’s open to inspection.

These records are distributed across multiple computers, making it resistant to tampering. “When I researched the capabilities of blockchain, I instantly knew it had the power to completely upend traditional distribution and marketing,” said Jones, Treeti’s CEO.

Indeed, Jones said the last time she was this excited about a budding technology was back in 2000, and the internet presented new promotional opportunities. She took full advantage of the web in marketing Artisan Entertainment’s low-budget indie film, The Blair Witch Project, in a campaign that served as a case study in viral marketing. Read more from…

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