Writing for Vulcan Post this year allowed me to bear witness to the scene from a very interesting in-between perspective. I’ve seen the ups and downs of the startup scene here—the good and the bad.

So based on our own circle of attention, relive the year of 2017 with us: startup edition. We like listicles, so we put the 2017 startup scene into one just for you.

And the first trend of the year was As we predicted, 2017 was the year that equity crowdfunding became a whole lot more mainstream in Malaysia. E-commerce site Babydash has certainly got a lot to shout about from their equity crowdfunding bid.

Venue-booking platform VMOalso saw equity crowdfunding success to the tune of RM500,000. SalesCandy became PitchIN’s 10th success of the year by raising RM12 million.

PurelyB shot for top crowdfunded startup and hit its minimum amount by opening just to its members. While the option to crowdfund has always existed before, 2017 has totally legitimised equity crowdfunding as a viable option for startups to raise funds in Malaysia. Read more from vulcanpost.com…

thumbnail courtesy of vulcanpost.com